NooLite Mini Kit

NooLite Mini Kit – the easiest set for a first acquaintance

The set for controlling three electrical appliances of your choice can work both from radio remote controls with touch screens (2 pcs are in the set), and through a mobile application.

Its main purpose is to control the operation of lighting devices, but the device can also be connected to climate equipment, pumps, water heaters and multimedia systems.


All components in the set are already synchronized with each other – it remains only to connect the power units to the desired devices.
There is a function of dimming (changing the brightness) of the bulbs.
The script for the complete disconnection of attached electrical appliances already stored in the device’s memory.
Work is provided for weekly timers.
Good range of the radio signal – up to 50 m.
The hub supports system expansion up to 32 channels.
Simple installation of remotes on any surface without breaking walls – they simply stick in a selected place on double-sided tape.

The starter kit is greatly reduced – it includes only control components (consoles, a central gateway and three 300 W power units). That is, initially it is able to work with only three lamps.
With such restrictions, the price of a basic set of 14-15 thousand rubles seems overpriced.