Vstarcam E27AR-TZ1V

Vstarcam E27AR-TZ1V – remote home control without controller

A small set of cameras, motion sensors, a pair of door sensors and a light bulb with an additional “smart” socket is fully controlled through the application in the smartphone.

There is no control hub (center) as such in the kit – its functions are performed by a “talking” video camera with a built-in infrared port. With it, you can send a signal to household appliances as with a regular home remote control.


All devices are wireless, so the installation of the system does not take much time and does not require to beat the strobes in the walls.
The complete camera can rotate 350 degrees, deviate by 97 ° and conduct panoramic shooting.
When sensors are triggered, the device sends an instant photo of the room to e-mail.
Support for flash cards up to 128 GB for video recording.
The light bulb from the base kit can be configured to glow in any color.
A smart socket allows you to remotely control the operation of devices that do not support smart technologies.
The proprietary application works correctly on all smartphones, including the Windows shell.

The cost of the starter kit is 12 thousand rubles.
There is no remote control – control is carried out only from a smartphone (although in the security systems of the same manufacturer there is a treasured keychain).
Alerts about triggering sensors come only if the corresponding application is open on the phone.